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Friday, November 17, 2006

Still trying to catch up.....

Here it is half way through November and I am finally getting Halloween pictures up. Oh well, a busy bee is a happy bee.

This was a good Halloween. I got to spend a week with Brianna and Lilee and we had a really good time.

Here is the worlds cutest fairy! Wearing Fairy Tights and a fairy shirt under her costume because it was sooo cold. She has special glittery fairy dust on her too, but you can't see it in the pictures.

Here is the gang - Bri, Lilee, Tracy & Silas! Aren't they cute! I should have got Drew in there too, but I don't know where he was!

This wins the best costume prize from me.......Sponge Bob was very nice and even posed for the picture for me. Who says celebrities aren't nice?

The bad witch is on the left and the good witch is on the right! Lilee said I needed to be a witch for Halloween....and her Mom a good She said were were too big to be fairies! Did you know that fairies don't' have gramma's and moms? That's is according to Lilee....but it was fun when we went out to lunch and I pointed out to Miss Lilee that the waitress was grown up and she was a fairy.....It was hilarious! For the first time in her life Lilee was speechless....

The future Top Model!

I love to take photos of Lilee when I visit...She changes so much all of the time! Well, lately she says she has to "pose". So here is an example.....She says you have to turn and look back and "flip" your hair! All of these poses were her own, without any direction....And she has the model walk down too!

I am hard at work on Christmas presents that involve knitting that I will be sharing shortly. It would help if it didn't get dark before I get home from work! Anyway, Have a great weekend!