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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The end of Summer!

Well, my camera is down......bummer..... As soon as I can I will share my last package from my wonderful SP8 pal. She sent everything I need to knit a lace shawl and some wonderful candles with votives! She is the best pal ever!

I am going to miss summer. So here a couple of my favs to share.

Over the summer Lilee came to visit us for a week and when I took her home we were looking out the window at the cows and she informed me that she didn't want to see cows, she wanted Horses! So when we passed by the pony rides, we stopped! She rode 3 times, and would have rode all day if i had more money.

The funniest part was that she really didnt' want to ride the ponies, she wanted to ride the big horse you can see in the background! Everytime they walked by she pointed to the big horse and told the lady she wanted to ride "THAT HORSE!"
She so charmed the lady that she went to the barn and got out the pink pony's (he's a boy) unicorn horn he wears to birthday parties so that we could take a picture!

Whenever we get to go to the coast and visit, Lilee and her Opa always take a walk on the beach. I get to come along, but I get to stay on the landing and take pictures! This time Lilee told me to stay there, so I wasn't even invited to go! This has become a tradition with them and I look forward to many years of taking their photos.

I have also signed up for SP9 and for the Knitters Tea Swap! So I will be sharing on a more regular basis!

I hope everyone had a great summer!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The days fly by!

Wow! I really didnt' realize I hadn't updated my blog in so long. The summer has flown by and being a Real Estate Agent has sucked up way more of my time than I expected.

Secret Pal 8 is over and I did get one more fabulous package from my pal. She sent me everything I need to knit lace. I have been horribly slow in getting pictures. I will post some soon. She also sent candle and votive holders that I really love.

I have signed up for Secret Pal 9 and I am going to note on my calendar to contact my pal every week. I would like to aspireto be as great of a pal as the one I get.

So summer seems to be over here and I will leave you with some of my favorite photos from this summer!