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Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Friday - Meggiebabe

I would like you to meet Meg and her Etsy shop:  Meggiebabe.

If you love handmade with love crafts and gifts, Then you will love the items at Meggiebabe.

Let's get to know Meggiebabe and Meg:

What would you like us to know about you?
Have you ever just felt like you're floating through life? At the age of 25 when my friends were all figuring our their lives, I had not a clue where mine was going. I tried college, being a waitress, working in management (you name it and I've probably tried to do it) Nothing stuck. Since, I have opened my Etsy shop, I'm starting to figure out where I want to go in life, and boy is it a great feeling! (thank you Etsy and my sister!)
What prompted you to open an Etsy Shop?
When New Years (2012) rolled around my older sister mentioned that I should try selling my crafts on Etsy. I laughed -who in the world would buy my silly things? Since it was the new year, I must have had extra gumption, because I went home and started reading about selling on Etsy. Not long after I had opened up my own shop, and here we are today!

How did you come up with your shop name?
Hill Top Creations is my shop name. My family home that I grew up in is on top of a hill. Also my father had a trademark for the woodworking he does called Sandy Hill Top. I admire both my mother (a quilter) and father's creative skills. I hope to make unique and beautiful things just as they do, as I learn more! All of those thoughts wrapped up in to one shop name, whew! ;)

How would you describe your shop?
I once told somebody that if there's something you can sew, I'll try it! -that's what's in my shop. Suggestions from friends on what to make, ideas thought up as I'm drifting off to sleep. Everything in my shop is a labor of love

What inspires you?
Anything odd. I once went to an art exhibit of embroidered street graffiti art, it was years ago and I still remember it to this day!

Which item in your shop is your favorite to make/find?
My favorite item is the Dandelion & Grey Bow kindle holder. I stepped outside of my comfort zone to make it, and I was very happy with the results!

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what are the 3 crafty must haves?
Definitely thread, needle, and limitless amounts of fabric (does that count?) If not then I would be sewing the native leaves/grass/etc ;)

Where else can we find you?
Facebook page:

Thanks so much Meg .  It has been great getting to know you and discovering your shop and your lovely items.

Now please show Meg some support and let us know which of her pieces are your favorite from her shop! Oh...and go ahead and heart a few of her items along with her shop :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great shop, and neat crafts too.

  2. Love that tooth *monster* pillow, and the bow Kindle holder -- very cute!


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