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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Winter has Arrived!

Well....I made it home in one piece....This is what it looked like on my drive to the coast.

To the coast

To the coast2

Aren't the fall colors beautiful against the green of the trees? I took these shots while I was driving...I didn't look through the hole, just held up the camera and shot away. Most of them were blurry, but a few came out.

This is what it looked like on my way home

My Drive Home

The Pretty Snow

It is beautiful I know, but I hate driving in it. and besides, on long drives Michael is supposed to be with me so he can drive and I can knit or snooze.....(just another reason to miss him)

I did have a wonderful visit with Melanie, but for some reason we were so busy talking that we took no pictures, plus it rained a lot. I will take pictures at Christmas time. We plan on visiting again on our way to spend the holiday with Lilee & Bri & Josh.

But, Mel did send me home with lots of goodies, handmade soap, lavender massage oil, rosemary cooking oil, a medicine bag she made, bulbs for the garden, a cool puzzle, a gourd that she grew, some jewelry and I am sure I have forgotten something. So I was very spoiled and had a very good time. I even ate venison!! It was yummy! Mel is a great cook and a great friend and I still don't know why it took me so long to visit.

I did get her started knitting, so I have started her on a healthy addiction that I hope will help her quit smoking!! (hint hint) She took to it right away, which doesn't' surprise me, she is very creative and talented.

I did also get to spend a few days with Lilee and Bri and I will share about that tomorrow. I am beat and freezing.....thank goodness they are coming to fill the oil tanks today so I can have the heat on a bit warmer, I always worry about it running out.

Stay warm and have a good day.

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