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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Excuses, Excuses.......

I have been putting off blogging because my computer is sick and I am still waiting for the new one.....long boring story.....

But I have lots of new photos of Lilee and the holidays to share, so I thought I would go ahead and update this a little and hope the computer doesn't give me too bad of a time.

I opened a Flickr account and here is the link:

Well, where to start. Hubby STILL isn't home. He should be in a couple of weeks!! Hmmmmm....that is starting to sound like our life's theme song.... ( a really bad theme song) But really take a good look at where he is working! On some condo's on the beach in Florida, while it continues to be winter here.....can't say I blame him! LOL

Anyway, Michael did come for home for Christmas and we got to spend it with the kids, so that was nice. All in all we had a very nice holiday. We got to go to the beach, see my oldest friend, Melanie, (she's not really that old!) and spend time with Josh.

Josh will be going over seas for 6 months at the end of February, so they came to see Great Grandpa before Josh leaves. It was a very nice visit. Josh got to spend time with his Grandpa. Lilee Mae and Great Grandpa really hit it off this time. She spent a bit of time in his room with him and really seemed to enjoy her time with him. In fact, it was really cute, because Poppa (Great Grandpa) gave Lilee this little black horse. He told her it was his last one and that he had given one to a little boy that he knew and that little boy loved the horse so much that he slept with it under his pillow. Well they proceeded to play and then we had dinner, but that night when it was time to go to bed, Lilee insisted that she had to sleep with that new pony named Mike under her pillow along with another princess pony she has here. I didn't even think she was really listening to Poppa and she really did sleep with them under her pillow the rest of the time she was here!

Lilee is getting so big. She is 3 now and can say her abc's, she can count and knows her colors. Her little life is just flying by and she gets smarter and funnier every time I see her. When I visit, I always tell her that I will be back soon, and when I talk to her on the phone she always asks me when am I coming back. It is so cute! When we were there over Christmas, I was getting ready to go to the store and I picked her up to get a kiss before I left, well she put her little hands on my cheeks and looked into my eyes and said "don't go home gramma!"........If that's not enough to make me want to just pickup and move to the coast....I assured her that I was just going to the store, but I think that will be one of those memories that sticks with me until she is old an grey and I am gone.

Well, before my luck runs out I am going to upload some photos and I promise to do a better job updating my blog. and I will post some knitting pictures soon!

Oh yeah.....Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. amadknitter1:03 PM

    Lilee is adorable!!! She would be so easy to knit for.... :D

    I know you haven't received a pressie from me yet.. but I'm workin' on a nice big grand finale present for you, which I hope you'll love :D


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