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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Secret Pal 7 - shhhhh it's still a secret!

Well, here it is, the second package that is now on it's way to my Secret Pal. I also sent her something for Valentines Day! I hope she likes it. It was fun.

Here is a description clockwise from the left:

1. a drop spindle and some get her hooked!

2. 4 balls in 2 color ways of confetti sock yarn! Yum

3. 2 ball purple novelty yarn, it is cool, look like ladders?

4. Some Hand Dyed & Spun by me Merino wool

5. Some beaded burgandy yarn

6. A really cute Mary Englebriet sewing kit

7. Some needle protectors

Then when I looked at the box, it seemed kinda empty so I added several skeins of my hand dyed and spun stash...then forgot to take another photo....duh....

I also got my box out for the candy swap that Super Eggplant set up....

There is my all time favorite chocolate: Dagoba...I gave up a precious Lime bar and also sent one with raspberries and rose hips! Some candied ginger...YUM... some more dark chocolate under the mini toblerones. A really small butter finger from the fridge....and my favorite seasame seed candy. I went a bit over budget because of the postage, but did good with the candy because here at chez Metts we stock dark chocolate and sesame bars! lol

I really have come to love these exchanges, because I have just as much fun assembling the gifts as I do getting mine. I'll post pics when mine comes.

I was uploading my pictures to my new computer this morning and came across a couple of pictures of Lilee and the rest of us I thought i would share.

Lilee Mae and her Daddy. This was a good day! Lil actually let me put 2...count them...2 pony tails in that day! On this day I also bought Miss Lilee this Green Bear. I thnks she likes it! lol

A few days later we stopped at some outlet shops on the way back from Washington. and I took little miss into the toy store so her mom could shop in peace. Well, softie gramma that i am, I told her she could get a toy......did she get a barbie? Crayons? a stuffed animal?

Nope. She got the biggest ugliest Dragon that she could find! A few months ago i bought her the movie Quest for Camelot. She calls it the "dragon movie". It has a 2 headed dragon in it. Well, I guess that started something. This new dragon has hard points and is really ugly, but his wings move so i guess that makes him cool. and she really seems to love him!

Well, Josh is somewhere on his ship! (he's in the Navy) He won't be back until summer, so everyone please keep him in your good thoughts that he and his whole ship is safe and comes home soon!

We love you and miss you Josh!

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  1. I found you Secret Pal! And I love my box!
    There's even a picture of a pair of your home-spun skeins on my blog ( Tomorrow, if the light cooperates, I may try to add the others as well.
    Meanwhile THANK YOU!!!!

    and tell Lilee that I think her dragon is wonderful!


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