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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Flickr Pics Up!

I added some more pictures to my flickr account!

Like this one: How to correctly eat a pickle!


  1. aloha teresa! just to let you know i received your candy swap box yesterday and i love all the yummy goodness! i ate some of the loose candies while reading your card - thank you for the comments on each candy - i've yet to try the chocolates, but am looking forward to it! the ginger candy was not what i expected - it was a very delicious surprise! will be posting on my blog by the end of the week - camera battery is charging up....once again, thank you for your generous offerings!

  2. amadknitter2:45 AM

    Hey Teresa!

    Guess who's parcel is on it's way!!!


    I hope you enjoy it!


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