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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Getting Ready for Black Sheep Festival!

Last year was the first time I got to go to the Black Sheep Festival in Eugene, Oregon. We live about 3 hours away. It was mind boggling! Every type of fiber/tool/yarn you could imagine. Well, I was not properly prepared! This year however I have been saving money and have a better idea of what I like to spin and what I need. (Like combs) So I decided to dye most of my undyed roving I have to make room for more when I get to the Black Sheep this year.

I bought 10+ lbs of fleece on ebay last year and had it sent right to be processed........big mistake..... it came back almost unusable. So full of vm that it is a pain to process. But. now that I have a Louet Jr. Roving carder I decided I could pick the vm out and then blend colors. So I dyed all of this roving I had left the other night.

So here it its. I would just sell it, but if you saw it up close, and saw the vm, you would understand. I will post more pictures after I get it cleaned and carded.

On another note, I am studying to get my Real Estate License. There are 7 modules. I just passed the final for the 6th one! Yipee! and I have the day off today. So to celebrate, I think I am going to have a fibery day!

I hope everyone else has a nice day too!

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  1. Beautiful Colors. I just love all the color. What did you use for dye?


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