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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clearing out My Stash

In an effort to get ready for what I want to buy at the Black Sheep festival I am posting pics of some of my yarns that I am willing (barely) to part with to make some room. These are all 100% wool and were all hand spun by me. Some were dyed be me also, and some were already dyed when I bought the rovings. I tried to put like colors together. I have the yardage and weight on most of them and I will measure the others as soon as I have time.

If you are interested please email me a Darlinatfireservedotnet. I do have an paypal account with that email as the ID. Shipping will be $4.05 for priority mail flat rate. If you want insurance or tracking, that will be extra. If you want to buy more than 1 lot I will combine them and let you know the actual postage. Thanks for looking.

This is the first bunch - Left to right

Tan colored wool 2 ply - 10 wpi (bulky) - Yards - Unmeasured

Orange wool - 2 ply - 15 wpi (sport) - 74 Yards

Rust Mulit wool - 10 wpi (bulky) - 59 Yards

Price: $12.00

This is the second bunch - Left to right

Blue Multi wool - 2 ply - 9 wpi (bulky) - 58 Yards

Purple/Blue Multi wool - 2 ply - 12 wpi (worsted) 59 Yards

Rust Mulit wool - 10 wpi (bulky) - 59 Yards

Price: $12.00

This is the third bunch - ALL Wool

Left to right

Tan 2 ply - 10 wpi (bulky) - Yards - unknown

Orange/Brown Multi 2 ply - 10 wpi (bulky) - Yards - 90

Brown - 12 wpi (Worsted) - Yard - 105

Brown/Green Multi - 12 wpi (worksted) - Yards Unknown

Price: $20.00

This is the Fourth bunch - ALL WOOL

Left to right

Brown Multi - 2 ply - 11 wpi (worsted) - Yards - 64

Purple/Gray Multi 2 ply - 10 wpi (bulky) - Yards - 49

Rose Multi 9 wpi (bulky) - Yard - 36

Dk Brown/Pink Multi - 9 wpi - (bulky) - Yards - unknown

Price: $15.00

The white you see in some of the photos is the paper that I wrote the info about the yarn on, such as wpi, yards, etc.

Thanks so much for looking and please leave a comment if you think my prices are off. Have a great week!


  1. is the brown set wool?

  2. Yes. It is all wool.

    Thanks for looking.


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