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Monday, March 01, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Whew....what a busy weekend!

My wonderful hubby made me this skein winder. He was so proud of himself.   lol  I need to take better photo.   This was with my cell.  So I was able to wind some of the TONS of coned yarn I have.  I have a lot of coned chenille.  I have been experimenting with dying it this weekend.  Photos soon.  and I have also figured out that if I soak it and dry it, it fluffs up an looks much nicer.  Hopefully some of this will be up on my etsy site this week.

I also finally got a photo of this Upcycled Jean Jacket.  It will be on Etsy tomorrow, I forgot to see what size it is.  I crocheted all the trim with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn.

I have another jacket done in pink that I need to photograph and also some yarn posting this week.  I have also been putting books on and have already sold 5 books.  So the spring cleaning is going good and so is my life, busy, but good!


  1. Trying to comment on your page, but it won't let me. Going to give it another try. Your page looks nice, Michael looks very pleased, and I'm excited to see your yarn after it has been dyed.

  2. Yay, it let me comment!!!


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