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Sunday, July 01, 2012

What the Heck is going on?

Well.  I know that it seem I dropped off the face of the Earth.  What really happened is more exciting.  My husband got his dream job and we are moving 9 hours away and have to be there in August.  So not much time and much to do, besides packing, we have to find housing, etc.

We have lived here for over 10 years and things have really accumlated!  So my store is still open, but production is down and I will be a bit quieter on the blogging until we get things in hand.

Thanks so much for understanding.


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  1. Congrats to your husband for attaining his dream job! I wish you all the best in your moving process

  2. Best of luck with the move and getting everything situated.

  3. Gook luck with the move -- somehow the packing part is not much fun, but the getting to a new place is!

  4. Congrats! Good luck with the move and enjoy your new town :)


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