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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adventures in Crochet

I started my Christmas gifts for last year in April. I wanted to hand make at least one thing for each person on my list. I did pretty good over all. The one that was the most fun was this granny square blanket for Lilee. I used this book for inspiration, a bit of imagination and Encore worsted weight yarn! Crochet usually hurts my arm. But I found these wonderful crochet hooks from Clover and they saved the day. As I got to the end, I decided I needed more length and did rows of smaller squares instead of another row of big squares. For the edging I did two rounds of double crochet shells. I am quite happy with it and would like to make another one for me. So it is on the loooong list of things I'd like to make.

Lilee's Birthday is right after Christmas. I usually ask her what she wants for her birthday because I always want to make it special and seperate from Christmas, I was alreay half way into her blanket at this point. Her answer was that she wanted a big girl blanket for her bed! Whew......

I barely got this done. I was working on it right up to the night before her birthday. I fibbed and told her that it was for her Opa and that I was working hard to finish it. When she went to bed on the night before I told here I would leave a present on her bed to open first thing in the morning. I finished the blanket and laid it atop her while she was sleeping, looking like an angel.

Well, she came and woke me in the morning, with a frown and announced that there was no present on her bed. I told her, are you sure? go look again, she looked at me like I was crazy and went to look and stomped back up the stairs and informed me......that there really wasn't a present on her bed. By this time I was having a hard time hold back my laughter and she was getting upset with me. So I asked her what blanket did she sleep with last night and asked her to go look and tell me..... a few seconds later I heard a squeal of delight and she came running upstairs with her big girl blanket, looked me in the eye and asked me how did I know that she liked pink?

I told her Grammas just know things like that.

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