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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are just MEAT

I spoke to my granddaughter today to see how she liked her Valentines Day Presents.

Well she told me that she got hurt at school today. She said she was twirling around really really fast and didn't see the lady carrying the box and they ran into each other and the box scratched her head. I asked if she was bleeding or got stitches and she said, nope just a scratch but it really really hurt.

I told her that was because there is no meat on your head, just skin and your skull. Not like our arms that have bone, meat and then skin. Then we talked about her Valentines gifts for a minute.

Out of the blue she says "can I ask you something Gramma?" I said of course. So she asked me if Wolves eat people. I proceeded to tell her that I thought they eat other animals like rabbits or deer and that they are scared of people cause we are bigger and make lots of noise, she wanted to know if I was sure that they could NEVER eat people.....I asked why and her answer was.....because wolves eat meat and we are just!

While I was trying not to crack up and come up with an answer for that, she told me she had to talk to me tomorrow cause she was going to take a shower.

So I spoke to Bri for a few minutes and shared our conversation. She said Lilee (who wants to be a doctor) told her that she was okay because she didn't do any skull damage!

You gotta love how little kids minds work........

and now you are just MEAT!

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