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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wow...almost 1 year

Well......I knew I hadn't blogged in a while, but I didn't' realize it had been almost 1 year....

In someways not much has changed and in other ways lots has changed.

Here are some highlights
  1. I have a studio space now for all my knitting, sewing etc adventures
  2. We have regular Thursday night Knit Nites with a pretty good regular attendance
  3. Our local yarn store is closing at the end of March (or sooner)
  4. Leanne and I are going to be giving knitting classes at the studio starting Feburary 20th
  5. I have started a line of embellished vintage kids clothes and Jean Jackets
  6. I am naming the design line Doo Dah Designs
  7. I actually listed things from my stash on my Etsy shop
  8. I am sell ling stuff on Ebay
  9. I have been married for 10 years
  10. My lovely Grandaughter is 7 already
  11. Michael is almost done with school and will be a teacher soon!
So here are a few photos to catch you up

Michael DID IT! He graduated from OIT with a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics!

Then he took a LOOOOOONG nap with his entourage

Lilee got to spend time with her Great Gramma Anita (OMA)

We got to spend time with her too!

Lilee learned to RELAX!

We had a great Christmas, Josh got to come spend it with us at Bri & Lilee's House! We had a ton of fun with this toy that Josh thought he was getting for just Lilee!
Lilee got her very first Dragon!

And as a finale to 2009 Miss Silly Lilee Doo Dah turned 7! I suppose that means that officially she is not a baby any more, but she will always be my baby, just like her Dad is still my baby. She thinks it is hilarious when I tell her that Josh is still my baby.

Well that's it for now and since I am starting to be creative again I expect to be here more with a lot more to share~

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