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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Lazy Saturday

Well, it is taking forever to get over this cold. This has been the laziest Saturday I have had in quite a while. I got an okay start, got up at 8am, but then I sat down in the living room and woke up at 1pm. Geez, guess I was still tired LOL.

I did get one thing accomplished, I went to Joann's Crafts and used my second 50% off coupon. Got some top secret scrapbooking kits that will be turned into Christmas presents....

Tomorrow my goal is to find the digital camera and take some fiber pictures. I am getting pretty good at picking out vm from my roving so that is coming along pretty good.

Michael got to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii this September with his childhood friend and he finally sent me a package with something for me. And he did good. I told him I would like a puca shell necklace, the kind that was popular in the 70's to hang on my rearview mirror of my xterra. Well, he did and he even went the extra mile. Before my Mom passed away, she collected turtles. Whenever I went somewhere I would look for a small turtle, carved from wood or stone or something and then I would send them to her. Well, the necklace Michael sent had a turtle made from wood and a shell hanging from it. (see below). So I just wanted to acknowledge the my husband is very thoughtful and I love him very much.

This is my very handsome son, Joshua. He is Lilee's Daddy. He is in the Navy and we all miss him very much. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. He may look like a grease monkey, but I bet he's the cutest one you have ever seen.

Daddy took Lilee to get pictures taken all by himself (note the sneakers). I love this shot because I think the sneakers are hilarious. Josh is a great dad, but I guess dad's don't think about those things. He got mad at me when I teased him, but I told him it was cute and we will always have a good chuckle when we talk about that picture.

Well, I hope everyone doesn't think I am an obsessive gramma or something. I just have a small family and I am very proud of them and love them and want to share them with everyone else.

I am off to spin some more so I can dye it soon so I can finish Michael's Christmas project.

Have good weekend!


  1. Hi Teresa,
    I have one of those Beanie Kits left, but I don't see an email address on your blog. Please email me ASAP and I'll let you know the details about the test knitting so you can be sure you want to take it on.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    thx Mom...


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