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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.  This is a bittersweet day for me.  I love being a Mom and Gramma, but it also makes me miss my Mom something fierce.  This year she will have been gone 19 years....When you say or type that is sounds like a life time.  It is a lifetime.  Yet it still feels like just a little while ago to.  The one thing to be grateful for is that now I can just miss her and not have to deal with the intense grieving that was.

I really didn't mean for this to be a downer.  My Mom was funny, sweet, caring, stubborn, and loved me not matter what.  She showed me how much fun it was going to be a Gramma. She adored my son.  I really wish she was here to spend time with my Granddaughter...she would get such a kick out of her too!

 Since we live all over the place, Mother's Day is a day for cards & calls.  This year Josh was really sweet and send me a Message in a bottle.  It was such a suprise and very sweet.  There is a message from him written on parchment paper inside so I can read it whenever I miss him!

Speaking of Josh, I am so grateful to be his Mom.  As every Mom knows there are not really words to describe how you feel about your kid.  But he has brought me such joy.  He also brought me Lilee.  Who knew being a Gramma was suck a kick!   I love you Son!

Speaking of Grandaughters, I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to Brianna.  I have been lucky to have such a good relationship with my Daughter-in-Law.  She is funny and sweet and a great Mom to Lilee.

This year there are 2 new Moms in my family.  My Neice, Victoria is a Mom now, to Kylie Lynn.  She is such a beautiful baby...Tori is such as good Mom and I can't wait to get to spend some time with them.

Also, My Granddaughter's Auntie Kadi had Anthony Jayden this year.  He is such a handsome boy.  I haven't got to meet him yet, but I hope to kiss those cutie pie cheeks soon!  Welcome to the club Kadi!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.  Hug your Mom if you can, call her if you can, or just talk to her no matter where she is...she will hear you!

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  1. Really nice post, Teresa. My mom's been gone for 11 years now. I think about her all the time and have wonderful memories. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Happy Mother's Day to you too! I know what you mean. The thing I wish the most was that she was here to see her great grandkids.....She loved being a Gramma!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you! I hope you are having a good one!


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