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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Things I found this week on Etsy

 This has been a good week.  I am getting into the routine of blogging and actually liking it.  I am finding it more fun than a chore, which is good.  There is so many wonderful things I keep seeing on Etsy.  It is a good thing I am not rich, or I would be in trouble and being a hoarder, wouldn't cover it!  lol  I just want to buy all the pretties I see!

I am knitting some some socks for someone this week and I am finding that I like knitting them.  I was tired of them for a while, so I may do some kid socks for the shop...we'll see...I need to find those other 12 hours in the day first!

So, here are some of my favorite things from the last week.  I hope you like them and give them some love...

Have a great week!

(All treasuries and items within the treasuries are clickable.)

knitting yarns


  1. You found some wonderful things!

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I know what you's so hard to resist buying things constantly from etsy! Good thing for blogs and treasuries to get your fix in other ways!


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