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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talented Tuesday - Simplee Designs

I would like you to meet  Lee Castle and her Etsy shop:  SimpleeDesigns.

If you are looking for OOAK handcrafted jewellery items for the lover of the unique, then you will love the items at SimpleeDesigns.
Let's get to know SimpleeDesigns and  Lee:

What would you like us to know about you?
My name is Lee Castle and I, with my long suffering husband and two amazing kids, live on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. My family has always been a hands-on lot. I grew up with a seamstress mother and woodworking father. My husband has taken over the woodworking skills and I have dabbled in lots of different of different art and craft mediums. I always wanted to be an artist as I was growing up but a lack of the skills needed put paid to that notion until I discovered hand embroidery. I designed, taught and stitched my way along for years and found a talent in an unexpected place. Once, however, I discovered beads another passion was born. I still use my needles for stitching, but to create a different kind of art!
What prompted you to open an Etsy Shop?
I wear a lot of my own work and had sold a few pieces to friends and work mates. I had exhibited my embroidery in a few local shows and then my jewellery and had a really good response. After a while, I had way too many pieces to wear, so I had to look for other avenues to try to sell through. The owner of a shop I had been teaching at for many years told me about Etsy and showed me the shop her daughter had on the site. I went home and explored it for ages, decided that my work wasn’t good enough. After trying to sneak one too many parcels of beads into the house, my husband asked me if I really needed all of these beads and pieces of jewellery that were slowly taking over the house. I decided then that it couldn’t possibly hurt to give Etsy a try!
How did you come up with your shop name?
My husband’s name is SIMon Peter and mine is LEE. While I was thinking of a name, I kept saying that I wanted something simple and easy to remember, so SIMPLEE Designs it was!

How would you describe your shop?
My shop is full of one of a kind pieces for people who like to look individual and not be defined by fashion styles or the prevailing trends of the moment. My pieces stand out on their own and are securely hand stitched, bead by bead, to last for many years.

What inspires you?
I have always loved hand-blown glass and have collected a few beautiful pieces made by amazingly talented Australian artists. At an art show a few years ago I discovered lampwork beads and to use a quote...I was hooked! I love the way the beads are like little treasures in your hand, each one of them individual in their own way. The colours and textures in the beads inspire me to try to show them off to their best. Oddly enough, while I like to keep things simple in my life, I find it very hard to create simple pieces once the materials are in my hands. When I have a beautiful treasure in my hand, I often go all out to make it the star of the piece I am creating! A lovely simple idea almost always ends up a bit over the top. Most of all, I create what I love, I don’t really follow colour trends or pour over fashion magazines.

Which item in your shop is your favorite to make/find?
The piece that I am working on at any given moment is usually my favourite at the time. Most of my work is inspired by a handmade lamp work bead so each piece is individual and cannot be recreated. I have many favourite techniques and am always trying to find new ways to use them to create a new look.
If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what are the 3 crafty must haves?
Seeing as how I would have more of the one thing that I don’t have enough of at the moment, time, that is a tricky one to answer!  I guess a never-ending bead stash, endless spool of thread and lifetime supply of needles might do the trick to begin with, I always seem to need the one thing I don’t have on hand at the moment!

Where else can we find you?
At the moment, I only have my shop on Etsy but plans of world domination are bubbling away!
Is there anything else you would like to share? 
I am always open to create custom pieces. I love to create something special for special people!
Thanks so much Lee.  It has been great getting to know you and discovering your shop and your lovely items.

Now please show Lee some support and let us know which of her pieces are your favorite from her shop! Oh...and go ahead and heart a few of her items along with her shop :)

Have a great week!

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  1. It is great how she was able to use one talent in another way. The designs are so intricate and very pretty.


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